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We are 2013 graduates from IIT Roorkee who have either not opted for placements or have left our jobs to pursue this. We are currently a team of 7, based out of delhi and are in need of your help to realize this dream.
Adisters are quality notebooks sold at amazingly low price. They have ads on their cover pages and thus acts as an excellent advertising medium too. We are trying to replicate this simple concept across India and we need your help in this.

Media Mention

and Accolades

The Economic Times

Startups add sprite to good old notebooks

Startups are giving a facelift to the sober notebook, embedding it with technology and advertisements targeting the youth. The hip designs, lower pricing and deals inside ...

Finalist of TiE All Asia Business Plan Competition

Finalist of TiE All Asia Business Plan Competition organised by TiE in association with Rice University- Houston Texas.

Finalist of Next Big Idea conducted by IIM Bangalore

Finalist of Next Big Idea conducted by IIM Bangalore, Intel and DST which had more than 2000 entries and were the youngest of all the finalists.

Target - 3 lakhs

Rs 3,00,000 TARGET

Rs 77026 Received

List of Donors
Name Amount Date
Hari Prashad501.002014-06-10
Nupur Punjabi25001.002014-06-06
Harsh Ratnam501.002014-05-25
Jalaj Khajotia1001.002014-05-25
Ankush Dhiman1001.002014-05-25
Ramanreet Singh501.002014-05-22
Tarun Kumar2001.002014-05-22
N Madani SYED1001.002014-05-22
Sugavanesh B1001.002014-05-21
Prashant Daruka501.002014-05-21
Abhishek pandey250012014-05-12
Aditya Agrawal20012014-05-11
Piyush Deveshwar20012014-05-10
NARANI RAVI TEJA5012014-05-10
Milan Singh5012014-05-08
Sakshi Singh5012014-05-06
Kunal Garg10012014-05-05
VIDIT YADAV20012014-05-05
Siddarth Maheshwari50012014-05-04
RUCHI WAGHMARE5012014-05-02
Naman Gupta10012014-05-02
Devang Saini10012014-05-02
Tushar Jaiswal10012014-05-02
Sankalp Agarwal10012014-05-02
Shubham Agrawal5012014-04-28
For any queries please contact :-     Shubham Agrawal                        9717 877 393